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During this challenging time, we are offering our Pain Free Lifestyle course for free.

Weeks 7 & 8

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Exercise, Level 2, Weeks 7 & 8


  • Add another back and chest exercise

Welcome back.

Adding some new exercises.

Congratulations on progressing and getting into better shape. It takes time, and is slow progression. But as long as you keep working at it, you’ll keep progressing.

For the last 2 weeks of Level 2 we are going to focus on adding 2 more weight lifting exercises. One for the chest, and another for the upper back.

Play Exercise & Stretching Demonstrations

These are major muscle groups that help to stabilize the upper back, shoulders and neck. The 2 exercises that I recommend are reverse flys and a traditional pushup. These exercises are generally pretty easy on your body and usually won’t create pain or injury.

But if they do bother your shoulders or back or neck, or anywhere else, try another exercise. Incline or decline bench presses with dumbbells, lat pulldowns or seated rows are all acceptable replacements that can help stabilize your back, shoulders and neck.

Go easy and listen to your body. If it hurts, then don’t do it.

Looking ahead to Level 3

In Level 3 you are going to start getting into functional exercises. These exercises use many muscles all together to strengthen the entire body.

You never have a chance to use one muscle in real life.. You use hundreds of muscles at once just to raise your arm, or even wiggle your finger.

That is why training muscles together, with complex motions, can strengthen your body for real life. It’s functional strength.

But before trying these complex exercises, you have to strengthen your muscles first. Otherwise you will injure yourself when trying these exercises.

Good luck with the end of Level 2. I hope that you will stick with the program and progress onto Level 3. Or if Level 2 is enough for you, then I hope that you are able to stick with this program for the rest of your life.

I hope you have a pain free day.

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