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During this challenging time, we are offering our Pain Free Lifestyle course for free.

Weeks 7 & 8

You must first complete Weeks 7 & 8 before viewing this Lesson

Nutrition, Level 2, Weeks 7 & 8


  • Cut back on processed, fried and sugary foods to no more than once a week
  • Fruits & veggies in every meal

The Final Steps

Hello, and welcome back to Pain Free Lifestyle.

Over the last few months, you have been working hard to get your diet back on track. And you are likely starting to feel the difference.

In our final two weeks, we are going to push things a bit further to help establish healthy eating habits that will keep your body feeling refreshed for the rest of your lifetime.

Focus on Fruits and Veggies

Now that you’ve become comfortable with eating fruits and vegetables, you want to start eating them at every meal.

This helps out in many ways. Eating more fruit and vegetables will help you to not eat as much at every meal.

Fruits and vegetables are less calorie dense than animal proteins. Less calories of them will fill you up more than animal protein.

They are full of fiber which will help keep things moving through you quickly.

You have slowly built your way up to eating more fruits and vegetables. And doing it comfortably and in small and easy steps is a big step in the right direction.

Resisting Processed Foods

Along with the increase in fruits and vegetables, you want to decrease your consumption of fried foods, processed and salty and fatty foods, and sugary foods, to no more than once a week.

You can eat these foods once each on your cheat day, or once on your cheat day and once again throughout the week.

It might be easier to start the 7th week with eating these foods once each throughout the week and on the cheat day. Then on the second week (week 8) once each throughout the entire week, including the cheat day.

Remember, this is not all or nothing. You are training yourself to eat healthier. You are trying to create habits that you can stick with comfortably throughout your entire life.

Everyone has their own lines in the sand that they must draw. Figure out what you are comfortable with, and ease your way there. Take your time getting to the place that you are comfortable with, eating wise. And try to stay there.

You have spent the last 16 weeks, if not more, working your way up to eating healthy.
You should be proud of yourself.

This is very hard to do, and even harder to stick with. But hopefully at this point since you have been eating better, you should be feeling better, have more energy, less pain, and be a little less depressed.

Keep up the good work.

The trick is to stick with it now, for the rest of your life.

I hope that you have a pain free day.

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