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Nimmo® Educational Foundation

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, who has treated leading athletes, performing artists and corporate executives for more than 30 years, has formed the Nimmo Educational Foundation dedicated to treating and researching musculoskeletal pain.

The foundation is named after the late Dr. Raymond Nimmo, the world’s leading pioneer in non-invasive pain remediation. He developed a new method, similar to acupressure, which applies pressure on specific trigger point areas to relieve pain faster and longer than typical chiropractic methods.

The Nimmo┬« Educational Foundation, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization, will conduct research and training based on Dr. Nimmo’s principles. The new foundation will educate current and future health care practitioners in Dr. Nimmo’s methods, raise awareness of non-invasive pain treatments, and explore more methods for pain relief. The new foundation will also license the use of both the original techniques created by Dr. Nimmo as well as hybrid approaches such as NimmoCareSM, which integrates some of Dr. Nimmo’s acupressure methods with laser therapy to treat virtually every part of the musculoskeletal system.

Before he died in 1986, Dr. Nimmo granted the exclusive rights to teach his methods to Dr. Cohen, who has trained thousands of health care practitioners in these techniques in colleges and institutes throughout the United States.

More recently the Nimmo Educational Foundation has helped fund and participate in ground breaking research on trigger points, thanks to our collaboration with the research department at the New York Chiropractic College. This collaboration has led to several publications and even an award at a prestigious ACC-RAC chiropractic conference.

For more information the foundation, call 412-681-4747. More information can also be found at www.nimmoed.org.

Acupuncture: Dr. Zhisheng Yu, Dipl.Ac.

To further enhance your treatment and path to wellness, we are happy to now offer acupuncture at our practice. Dr. Yu received her M.D. and O.M.D in China and is a certified and licensed acupuncturist with over ten years of experience. She offers high quality patient care and treats a variety of conditions, including those that have not responded to conventional medical treatment. Appointment can be made by calling our office at 412-681-4747.

Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics

Foot Levelers custom made orthotics provide products to further enhance whole body wellness. At our office we scan the patients feet and the image is then sent to Foot Levelers and they produce a custom orthotic based on each individual patient. Unlike store bought brands which only support one arch, Foot Levelers custom orthotics help support all three of your foot’s arches. The orthotics have been proven to relieve pain and help create balance from the ground up. More information can be found at www.footlevelers.com.