Pain Profiles

The following are just a few examples of cases we treat:
  • Dull nagging pain along the back of the neck and along the inside of the shoulder blade, with/without pain referring into the arm and wrist
  • Popping or clicking of the jaw with tension in temples and dull headaches
  • Sharp and pinching pain in the shoulder only present during certain activities or movements
  • Ringing in ears or vertigo
  • Feeling of stiffness in mid back and ribs creating the sensation of restrictive breathing
  • Dull, nagging lower back pain and muscles along waistline
  • Sharp electric like pain or mild numbness in legs, with or without low back pain
  • Stiffness in low back in the morning that seems to improve during the day
  • Hip and knee pain during or after exercise
  • Sharp heel pain or tension in arches of the foot
  • Elbow pain with grasping and opening doors and jars, maybe associated with muscle fatigue
  • Acute neck pain upon waking that prevents motion and is very sharp
  • Shin splints during and after exercise
  • Sharp pain in sacroiliac joints especially with positional changes, like getting out of a chair, which seems to improve with walking