Our Story

Cohen Chiropractic Trigger Point Center was opened by Dr. Jeffrey H. Cohen on April Fools Day in 1976, and Dr. Cohen was fond of joking that we have been fooling people ever since.

Dr. Cohen was not happy with the traditional method of chiropractic care and sought out alternative techniques that made sense to him. He found Dr. Raymond Nimmo’s Trigger Point Technique and quickly embraced this new methodology of treatment.

He was the first doctor in the Pittsburgh area to recognize the important role of muscles in movement and in injury. He understood that muscle tissue was the primary component in sprains, strains, and a variety of other injuries. Hereby, he and was able to help literally thousands of people throughout his 30 year career.

He worked on many of the Pittsburgh Steelers during their Super Bowl years back in the 1970s. Either Dr. Jeffrey Cohen or his son, Dr. Joshua Cohen, have worked on the Steelers during 4 of their 6 Super Bowl wins.

Throughout his career, Dr. Jeffrey Cohen worked on ballet dancers, entertainers, musicians, and countless athletes. He helped Olympian, Roger Kingdom, win his gold medal in 1984. He also went on tour with Liza Minnelli as her personal chiropractor.

Dr. Jeffrey Cohen has not worked since 2005, when he was injured in a horseback riding accident while in Montana. Since then his practice has been carried on by his son, Dr. Joshua A. Cohen. Since retirement, Dr. Jeffrey Cohen put his energy into research to support Nimmo’s trigger point technique and collaborating with New York Chiropractic College. This collaboration led to receiving an award at the ACC-RAC conference in 2011, as well as presenting the research at the WFCC conference in Brazil.