Your Perception of Pain

Pain is different for everyone. Sometimes it seems to come out of nowhere. Other times the onset is more subtle and gradual, and in some circumstances the pain stems from an obvious trauma.

You wait to try it out, thinking your pain will eventually resolve on its own. If you’re lucky, it does. But in most cases, it lingers and usually worsens.

You learn that tissues take about 6-8 weeks to heal, but it has been 6 months and the pain just won’t go away. Over-the-counter medications only give you temporary relief, and you worry about your stomach, liver and kidneys with long-term use. You’ve seen other doctors and have ruled out more serious underlying conditions. You may have even had some advanced imaging done and nothing really shows what would explain your pain.

Maybe you think, ‘I’m getting older and this is just a part of the aging process.’ You notice you’ve stopped doing things you once enjoyed because the pain is too much to bear. You’ve tried other therapies with marginal results. You’ve seen different types of doctors only to come away disappointed again and again. Maybe some of those doctors told you that they could no longer help you out. You’re at a loss and wonder what other options do you have?

When you feel you have no other options, come see us at Cohen Chiropractic Trigger Point Center.

We specialize in the cases that no one else can help. We take pride in treating some of the toughest cases. This is because most of the time when nothing shows up on tests or exams, it is diagnosis by exclusion. And the diagnosis is usually muscles.

Muscles very rarely show up on tests and exams. Therefore, if you go through what I like to call the gamut of doctors only to be frustrated and have no answer, it is usually muscles.