How To Exercise At Home, Pain Free

For the first time, many of us are finding ourselves at home. We’re home for a prolonged period of time, with nothing to do – and many of us are doing just that – nothing.

And that’s where the problems begin. If we don’t figure out a way to be active, then you’ll come out of this period of self-isolation shaped like a potato; weaker and deconditioned. Your body will break down, and you’ll be more prone to injury.

You can, however, come out of this period in better shape. Come out of this period conditioned and ready to meet that stresses that will be present as we are all coming out of our hibernation. All it takes is a few dumbbells.

Creating your at-home gym. 

It can be hard to exercise at home if you never have before. I consider myself lucky. I’ve been exercising at home for years. I am a big proponent of exercising at home. It is just so much easier than going to the gym. Outside of buying equipment, it can be very inexpensive exercising at home.

You can make your home gym as elaborate, or as simple, as you’d like. Whether you’ve spent years accumulating equipment or pick up some used equipment on Craigslist or eBay, what matters is making the commitment to changing your lifestyle.

If you can find an exercise that you can perform at home, with minimal equipment, it can be very easy to get into, and stick with, an exercise routine.

Sticking to a new routine.

When was the last time you did a push-up? High school PE class?

Or maybe you tried running as a part of a New Year’s resolution for a few months but lost your motivation. 

Many of us have decided to start a home workout plan and have failed.  So, why not try a new approach?

Think of what you want to be able to do – whether it’s getting in better shape or keeping up with your kids as you get older. Find your inspiration and then set yourself long-term and short-term goals. 

Focus on one week at a time. Get in your workout for the day. Then complete the next workout. Make it a challenge to find that 15-45 minutes in your day, as often as possible, to just keep yourself moving. 

After that first week, look back and take it a step further. Add a new exercise to your routine, and slowly crank up the intensity.

Start your journey with ‘Pain Free Lifestyle.’

I speak with all of my patients about exercise: how to get into exercise, how to pick the right routine for themselves or analyze their current routine to make sure that it is conducive to their specific needs. 

That’s why, a few years ago, I created an online exercise and nutrition program for my patients to use. It is meant to be done completely at home, with minimal equipment. All that you need are a few dumbbells. 

Through the years, I’ve learned a few easy on your body exercises. They are easy to learn and great for beginners. As the program progresses, the exercises get progressively harder and more complex. But they are still easy on your body and generally won’t create injury.

In this routine I have isolated the majorly overused areas of the body that we want to focus on, to keep ourselves moving and our pain minimized. 

The program is designed to guide you through a series of exercises that will get you up and moving. For a limited time, since everyone is locked up at home, the Pain Free Lifestyle program is free. It is usually 9.99$ per month.

I’d recommend that anyone who tries the Pain-Free Lifestyle program starts with a light, almost too easy routine. Ease your body into it.  With a little patience, consistency, and sweat, you’ll forget what life was like before you started working toward your fitness goals. 

Have a Pain Free Day.