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During this challenging time, we are offering our Pain Free Lifestyle course for free.

Weeks 5 & 6

You must first complete Weeks 5 & 6 before viewing this Lesson

Nutrition, Level 2, Weeks 5 & 6


  • Limit processed and sugary foods
  • One vegetarian meal a day

Creating New Eating Habits

For the next 2 weeks we are going to focus on sugary and processed foods, along with animal protein.

Twice a Week for Processed Foods

For these next 2 weeks, eat processed foods no more than 2 times per week. These foods include potato chips, donuts, sweets, pastries, burgers, fries, fast foods, etc.

These foods are all around us, making it very easy to mindlessly eat them throughout the day. Which is what the processed food manufacturers want you to do.

The only way they make money is from you buying and eating their foods. Their foods are manufactured to be as “crave-able” as possible. Which is another way of saying addictive.

The processed food companies test and retest their foods to get the combination of salt, sugar and fat just right so that you will love that food and crave it.

And then eat more of it.

Processed foods are also chock full of free radicals. Free radicals create inflammation and cause the body to break down over time.

The Benefits of One Vegetarian Meal a Day

The other aspect we are going to focus on these next 2 weeks is animal protein.
Not saying go vegan or even vegetarian.

But we all eat way too much animal protein.

I have read nutritionists recommend 20-30% total calories to come from protein. Based on what I have read, I feel that unless you are an athlete, then 5-20% total calories should come from protein.

And the more plant based protein you eat, versus animal based, the better you will feel.

The less inflammation you will have in your body. The faster foods will travel through your gut giving them less time to become toxic while still in our bodies (the average American carries 10 pounds of digested feces in their colon at any time).

We eat so much animal protein that it can be hard for us to eat a meal without it. So, focus on just one meal per day.

It can be breakfast. Have oatmeal with peanut butter and blueberries in it and use almond or coconut milk. Or have whole wheat bread and peanut butter and an apple. If you have a nut allergy then prepare oatmeal with a scope of plant based protein powder, which can be very tasty.

There are many options. I want you to start looking at your food differently. I feel it is about moderation. We can eat what we want, but in moderation.

We know we can’t eat bacon every day. I’m not saying don’t eat bacon, just don’t eat it every day.

Go easy on yourself the next 2 weeks. You are creating new habits, and that is difficult to do.

I hope that you have a pain free day.

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